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Vintage Car Fair Dr Amir Monir
Meet Dr Amir


    Fueled by a solid art addiction and an endless passion for life, I will take you in a joyful journey through a wide spectrum of my interests including medicine, history, medical education, quality management, philately, watch collecting hobby, car model collecting hobby and many more. Hoping you will enjoy as you proceed, I welcome you in my personal website willing to provide a unique experience that can teach, illuminate and inspire.


Dr Amir Monir, MD  

Interests ! 


    Among many career lines I followed, I'm deeply interested in Radiology, Medical Education, e-Learning and Quality Management.

King Farouk Dr Amir Monir website
My Sweet Hobbies !


    Those really make me alive and this is a fact. They are stress-killers and they maintain my mental stability in this crazy world. Sure you will find them interesting. 

    He is "King Farouk of Egypt", we both share the same hobby ...


Find out here !

A lifetime Project !


A great passion was behind the creation of the "Medical Philately" website. The largest, the most beautiful and the most unique on the www. Explore it here.

MedPhila Background Medical Philately AR
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