The Teacher

Teaching was, is and will be - always - my primary interest. I was always fascinated by being a university staff member, and I prefer Teaching over the clinical aspect of my career. Simply I find my self there and it has been my obsession to develop my Teaching skills and talent so that I was one of the first patch graduated to have the first specialized "Diploma for Health Profession Education" in the Egyptian Universities back in 2009.  

My Teaching Experience


-Undergraduate Radiology courses for CNS, CVS, GIT, UGS, MSK imaging methods, techniques and  interpretation, 5th year medical students. Mansoura Faculty of Medicine.  

-Undergraduate revision courses for the whole radiology curriculum, 5th year medical students.  Mansoura Faculty of Medicine. 

-Postgraduate course titled "Updated Radiology" for Master and MD candidates, regular periodic  lectures. Mansoura Faculty of Medicine. 

-Postgraduate revision courses of the whole body radiology curriculum for Master and MD  candidates. Mansoura Faculty of Medicine.

-Teaching last year medical school whole full year radiology curriculum , Tiba University Faculty of  Medicine, Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

-Healthcare Technician Institute: First year student course of Spine, Chest and Bone Imaging, anatomy,  positioning, techniques and film processing. Responsible for the written, oral exams and answer paper  marking. Healthcare Technician Institute Mansoura, Ministry of Higher Education

-Teaching Radiology Technician Courses, Radiographic Techniques and Radiographic Pathology, Tiba  University, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

-Mansoura-Manchester Program for Medical education:

 A unique teaching experience with PBL/ blended learning system joint with Manchester School of  Medicine, UK. You can find some pics of my sweet PBL groups in the gallery down-page.

-Certified Smart Board (Electronic-Board) Trainer with many training workshops for Mansoura Medicine School Staff Members.

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