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My career in Medical Education

     The goal of "Medical Education" is to provide students with a broad, solid foundation applicable to medicine, a deep understanding of the scientific method, and the attitudes and skills needed to apply new knowledge to patient care throughout their careers. I was always fascinated by being a university staff member, and I prefer Teaching over the clinical aspect of my career. Simply I find my self there and it has been my obsession to develop my Teaching skills so that I was one of the first patch graduated to have the first specialized "Diploma for Health Profession Education" in the Egyptian Universities back in 2009. 

I created a special group for dedicated Medical Education resources and updates for my Mansoura

Medical School in 2013 including the faculty staff members, you can join this group following the

Facebook icon here:


Member of Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research

The Egyptian Journal of Medical Education


    Being my largest project in Medical education, The "Egyptian Journal of Medical Education" (EJME; Egy J Med Edu), (I am honored to be the founder and Editor-in-Chief) is the first (and remains the only) Egyptian, online, open-access, scientific, peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of medical education sciences, using up to date internet technologies. All articles are published, without barriers to access, immediately upon acceptance.

     As the field evolves, the journal publishes original research, reviews, and viewpoint articles on the development, evaluation, and application of cutting-edge medical education trends in the health care setting and health systems innovations. The journal has a special focus on curriculum development, evaluations of performance, assessment of training needs and evidence-based medicine. 

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