On this page, you can review my 3 major projects related to e-learning; The E-learning Unit in the Mansoura School of Medicine, The Egyptian Journal of Medical Education (EJME) and the Egyptian Radiologist Internet Association (ERIA). All represent an everlasting source of self actualization, fruitful effort and inspiration to me. I have the honor to invite you to visit their websites, a feed back of your opinions and comments will be very thoughtful.   

The medical E-learning Unit at the Mansoura School of Medicine (I was honored to be its director) is considered one of a kind in its structure, management system and utilities. I designed its unique website through which you can find all aspects of its activities and extended web resources.

The "Egyptian Journal of Medical Education" (EJME; Egy J Med Edu), (I am honored to be the founder and Editor-in-Chief) is the first (and remains the only) national, online, open-access, scientific, peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of medical education sciences, using up to date internet technologies. All articles are published, without barriers to access, immediately upon acceptance.
     As the field evolves, the journal publishes original research, reviews, and viewpoint articles on the development, evaluation, and application of cutting-edge medical education trends in the health care setting and health systems innovations. The journal has a special focus on curriculum development, evaluations of performance, assessment of training needs and evidence-based medicine.


  The Egyptian Radiologists Internet Association (E.R.I.A.) is a non-official, non-profit organization. I established its structure and designed its website to create an internet society for the Egyptian Radiologists, to provide many badly needed services in the Egyptian medical imaging community, and to make a starting point for entry into radiology places of enlightenment, entertainment and education on the internet. This identifies the high quality radiology World-Wide Web sites that can teach, illuminate, and inspire. 

     E.R.I.A. is committed to the advancement of the science of radiology, the study of the various aspects of practice in medical imaging in Egypt and the promotion of continuing education for radiologists.

   E.R.I.A. website is a web-based information database dedicated to providing the highest quality information about the radiology resources on the internet with one of the world's largest categorized linking lists. It is the first and by far the only Arabian website of its kind with the aim of leading & encouraging the advances in this field. E.R.I.A. website is updated weekly and very soon twice a week. 

Being the Director of the e-Learning Unit in Mansoura School of Medicine, I conducted many workshops introducing the unit activities and wide spectrum of services to the faculty staff members. Here are some:

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